A Chinese sex doll company allegedly misused the likeness of an Israeli model to make a sex doll

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Sex dolls that resemble their models even have similar names.
A lawyer said it could be difficult to take legal action.





Model Yael Cohen Aris has taken legal action after a sex doll company made a doll that resembles her. Her creator also appears to have used her photo to promote her on a sex doll forum.

Cohen Aris says she is trying to take legal action, but a lawyer says that could be difficult.

In 2018, Yael Cohen Aris first received a message from an Instagram fan that a sex doll company had made a doll that resembled her. She dismissed it as a coincidence. But when she saw the creator apparently talking about her in an online forum, explaining that the doll was inspired by her real photos on social media, “it couldn’t be wrong,” she says. “They even have my beauty mark,” said 25-year-old Instagram model, programmer and IDF veteran Cohen Aris. “Someone said, ‘You have to copy her body, too’ – or something like that. “The whole discussion was about me,” she told the insider.

Cohen Aris, who lives in Israel and has more than a million followers on Instagram, said she realized that the doll not only resembled her, but also had to do with her identity. It felt strange, hurtful and haunting, she said. It’s not uncommon for sex dolls and toys to be made with the approval of real people (usually porn stars) as models. Cohen-Aris, however, says she never consented to the doll’s manufacture. “It’s not just a doll like Yael, it’s a doll that represents me,” said Cohen Aris, who appeared on the British television program This Morning in January to talk about the doll. “I think any normal person can see that there is something very wrong here,” he said. Leonard Liu, CEO of manufacturer Irontechdoll, which makes sex dolls in China and sells them to retailers around the world, told Insider in an email that “Yael” was “designed for Western tastes “.

“Coincidentally, the name of this model is similar to the name of this doll,” he said. “To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, we decided to change the avatar to another name, Ashley. “At the same time, we need to clarify that all our sex dolls are originals and not based on the likeness of a person,” Lau added. He also denied that the company used a personal photo of Cohen Aris to promote the dolls. However, on the website of the sex doll forum “The Doll Forum”, a person using the account “irontechdoll” and calling himself “Leonard “, introduced the doll 2018 as “Yael”. Cohen Aris shared a screenshot of the forum with Insider, who accessed it on Wednesday. In a post published on September 11, 2018, it reads, “We created a new face called yael. Do you like it? How will it fulfill your great fantasies? What body would you like to be photographed with? What skin color? Feel free to leave your comments!

The next day, after another forum member suggested that the doll be altered to resemble Kim Kardashian West, the “irontechdoll” account shared four photos of Cohen Aris and said that the new doll was “inspired by this beautiful lady “. “I’m very helpless,” Cohen-Arris told Insider, “I feel so alone, there are so many companies and sellers, they are huge, and I get comments about it. I’m just terrified.” Insider has found at least two retailers still selling the “Yael” doll, including a London-based retailer called Silicone Lovers, which offers the doll for £1,290 ($1,749). The company was contacted by a source but has not received a response.
A lawyer told Insider that it could be difficult to take legal action

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Cohen-Aris first reported the sex doll on social media in July 2019 and said she had not yet heard from the company. She said she now wants to take legal action, but her options may be limited because the company is based in China.

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