Maintenance tutorial for sex doll

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About sex dolls, some will cause irreparable damage, so important instructions to put at the beginning:

When sex doll is standing, lean against the wall and make sure that the center of gravity is leaning back, and the floor will not slip.

The sex doll head carving is removed and placed in a soft place to avoid falling to the ground.

When sex doll is placed for more than one night, do not move with large bending and small stress surface, such as holding knees, sitting ducks, kneeling, etc.

Improper repair of the crack with sex doll silicone glue will make the wound bigger and bigger. First take the dye measuring glue to practice the craft.

Violent pulling of hair against the surface will cut the silicone.

Sex doll’s fingers, especially the knuckle fingers, are the most vulnerable places without collision. They should be properly bent and the dressing bag should be placed to avoid wearing fingers.

I recommend silicone head + TPE body, which retains the better combination of silicone fine makeup and posture stretching.

By the way, you directly define TPE as toxic materials in a large listed company. What a powerful corporate culture. You don’t understand the European standard testing company, do you

Some small gifts

Before taking out sex doll, take a bath towel and lay it in a place where the baby can be placed. I’ll directly take the blanket from the merchant

After unpacking, put the doll’s head in a soft place to avoid rolling around.

With legs facing up and knees bent, you can hug the princess out.

If there is a need for cleaning, put the stool in the bathroom before unpacking, and put on non dyed slippers.

It is recommended to use a washer directly connected to the faucet or shower pipe to clean the vagina. Generally, the hand pressure effect of the manufacturer’s standard is not ideal. Pay attention to flush the vagina to the appropriate water pressure first. After washing, use a tampon to water and dry. It’s OK in one night. Whether it’s more than 250 dryers or more than 50 diatom rods, the effect is not ideal, and the channel will be scratched.

After taking a bath, dry the blanket and start to apply talcum powder.

Sex doll has a lot of oil in the first week, so it needs to be powdered too much

Usually, Silicone doll once a month and TPE doll twice.

For the first time, it is recommended to put on plastic gloves before wearing clothes, and then put on your head and wig.











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