5 Ways to Achieve A Happy Sex Life

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I often see the word quality of life (QOL), but when I check its meaning, it seems to be a word that means “quality of life”, that is, happiness and fulfillment. It seems that the four major factors of food, clothing, housing and transportation have a great influence on QOL, but in our store, we are working hard every day to improve the sex of life of customers. The field of sex. I’m doing. This time, I would like to propose five ways to make your sex life more fulfilling.

1. Buy a love doll!

Lover dolls are currently the hottest new category of adult products. If you search online, you will find many suspicious online love doll shops on Google search. As a suggestion from our shop, we recommend that you buy from a website operated by a Japanese company that looks reliable. Chinese stores are of course super cheap, but they also have risks. (In addition, in many cases, we did not submit a notice from Fuei Law and did not pay taxes, so I think it would be better to buy from a Japanese company.) In our shop, we have our own factory in China, so it is A well-known manufacturer. Products that can also be provided. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

2. Sexual role-playing (image club delusional drama)

Sexual role playing is a great way to get rid of your imagination and delusions and realize sexual fantasies, even if this is impossible in reality. Play with teachers and students. Play with the maid and nurse. Prepare a variety of costumes and realize a fantasy world that is different from your usual life! (Now you can easily buy clothing online, so you don’t have to worry about your eyes.) You can rekindle the enthusiasm that you have given up.

3. Erotic massage

Erotic massage and sexual aesthetics are great ways to enrich your sex life. The famous red light districts of Meguro, Ueno, and Kawasaki are good, but if you have enough budget, you can take the plunge and make overseas expeditions a wonderful experience. Visit the massage parlors in Thailand and Pink Street, where women are not allowed to enter Germany. Japan also has excellent red light districts, but there are also many famous red light districts in the world. Why don’t you research, plan your adventure, and embark on a journey to master the “Sex of Life” (Sex of Life)?

4. Try to flirt

Do you remember when you first dated your partner? At the moment when we are touching each other, we gradually flirt and finally kill the hole we are aiming at. .. .. I am not saying that my partner who has been with me for many years can’t do it. But to be honest, don’t you think you need props and new excitements to excite your long-term partners? Flirting is the ultimate choice that can go wrong, but what if you flirt with a doll? Isn’t it exciting to hide and perform with the love doll without telling your partner?

5. Open obscenity/voyeur SHOW at home

Have you ever seen a window near your house or a window glass on a balcony? I often smoke. If you look secretly, you may rarely see a figure that seems to be acting, or you may see a shadow that looks like a naked body, and you may be really excited. So, as a suggestion, I think there is a way to put the love doll on the futon or bed and admire the exquisite breasts and legs from a distance. The urge to jump on her gradually came to my heart. When you move, hide it with curtains so that you cannot see it from the outside. If you can watch this movie from the outside, it seems that you might be caught publicly for indecent assault these days. Ha ha

how was it? These suggestions are just a few of the many ways to enjoy sex. According to your thoughts, I think you can improve the “quality of sexual activity” without spending money. As a result, the “quality of life” will improve and you will be happier. I sincerely believe that you can have a more fulfilling sex life!  https://www.hiasu.com/5-ways-to-achieve-a-happy-sex-life/

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