Mini Sex Doll + 5 Ways Give Your Girlfriend An Unforgettable Orgasm

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Like the female mind, the female orgasm is a complex phenomenon that is hard to understand. Understand the female high tide, help to enhance the sexual harmony of husband and wife, improve the quality of sexual life sex doll porn. New Zealand’s leading sexologist has conducted an in-depth study of female orgasm and has summed up five characteristics of female orgasm

1.High tide is when you relax

Multiple studies have shown that women typically need 15 to 40 minutes of intercourse to peak. Men, by contrast, peaked in as little as two minutes realistic sex doll. As a result, many women either fake orgasm during sex or end up with nothing.
However, relaxation is an important factor in women’s sexual highs. Therefore, the man should, according to the characteristics, extend the foreplay time through touching and massage, help the woman to relax as far as possible, as far as possible to achieve both sides high tide.

2. Compliment her body

Female orgasm is both a physical experience and an emotional experience.
It may be the feeling of being completely sex doll pornhub naked that causes the woman to have a high tide barrier. He obviously finds her naked body sexy, but she doesn’t know much about it unless he tells her repeatedly, perhaps hundreds of times. So when she undresses, it’s good for him to be enthusiastic and eager to appreciate it, and tell her what you’re thinking.

3. One love may have many high tides

It’s no secret that women can achieve multiple highs.
Some women can even reach 2-3 high tides in a single love. Female multiple high tides can be divided into two categories: one is “multiple high tides” and the other is “continuous high tides”. The latter is more likely to be controlled who invented sex doll by the man.
After the woman’s first orgasm, the man continues to kiss and caress, which helps the woman achieve continuous orgasm. You can leave the stimulation of the female genitals for a while, and in particular desensensitize the clitoris for a while until the woman’s breathing slows down, and then gently touch and stimulate the clitoris. If the woman responds positively, then a second high will follow.

4. Double stimulation makes it easier for women to orgasm

Men helping women to orgasm is more complicated than helping themselves to orgasm. Women can achieve orgasm through external clitoral stimulation or internal G-spot stimulation. And the way of stimulation is in the hands sex robot of the man. If necessary, use sex toys to achieve double stimulation at the same time, the effect should be very obvious.

5. Oral love makes it easier for women to orgasm

The study found that the majority of women reported that oral love was more pleasurable than vaginal sex, and that it was easier for them to reach orgasm.
Analysis of sex experts pointed out that, anatomically, most of the sensitive nerve endings in women are located outside, that is, the clitoris and the opening of the vagina. The most important skill a man needs to master in order for his wife to enjoy her mouth is to enjoy it. This will allow the woman to torso sex doll completely get rid of the embarrassment psychology, fully engaged in the wonderful sexual experience, easier to reach the high tide.

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