5 Reasons Every Sex Doll Owner Should Learn to Wear Makeup

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Although many realistic sex dolls will come enhanced with at least minimal semi-permanent makeup, it’s still well worth any doll owner’s while to develop a few makeup skills of their own. Makeup skills can help you customize your doll’s look to your exact liking and preferences. They’re also a great way to ensure your doll stays as stunningly beautiful throughout her lifetime as she was on the day she first arrived on your doorstep.

However, so many doll owners are reluctant to learn. They see great makeup as virtual sorcery only women are capable of mastering, but nothing could be further from the truth. Choosing and applying fantastically sexy makeup is a learnable skill, and it’s easier than you think to master it. Here are a few great reasons why you should totally give it a try.




















1.      Makeup is a great way to realize your dream woman.

Most men prefer their women to wear make-up and they tend to have a specific look that they definitely don’t like. However, the women they date often have a different idea of what suits them best and will end up wearing what they like by default, rather than dressing up to suit their partner.

Just as having a sex doll gives you a wonderful opportunity to finally experience sex the way you’ve always wanted to, it’s also an opportunity to learn what a partner who wants to please you looks like, because she knows your favourite way. All you have to do is learn a few simple ways to get the look you like.

2.      Makeup skills are a great way to maintain your doll.

Even if your doll has no visible make-up effects, she will still have some subtle colours to help her look more realistic. Think coloured nipples or labia, subtle shading on various parts of the body or a rosy blush on the cheeks. Over time, kissing, cuddling, caressing and playing with your doll will cause all these subtle colours to fade and lose a little of their original magic.

Now, learning and mastering some basic make-up techniques can help you keep all those wonderful finishes that make your doll so pleasing to the eye. That way, she’ll stay beautiful and picturesque forever.

3.      It’s easier to do than you might think.

Some women are absolutely incredible when it comes to make-up, and it shows. Their abilities can also leave onlookers wondering how on earth they do it. However, we assure you that make-up is a skill that anyone can learn with enough practice and dedication. Unless you want to tell them, no one but you will know what you are doing or why.

YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are awash with influencers and make-up artists (both professionals and amateurs) who not only know how to use make-up palettes, but produce a wealth of content with the aim of teaching others how to use them. Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to discreetly buy your favourite make-up from the comfort of your own home.

4.      It’s an incredible way to bond with your doll.

As many long-time doll owners will tell you, a realistic sex doll can be more than just a sexual outlet. She can also be a great companion in other ways. For example, many doll owners find that they enjoy sleeping next to their dolls, sitting next to them watching TV, or even talking to them. They can be an incredible alternative to a traditional relationship or a potential addition to it.

Developing a personal ritual that includes giving your doll a bath, styling her hair, dressing her up and putting make-up on her is a great way to bond with her and deepen the connection between you. Many doll owners find that caring for and maintaining their dolls in this way is comforting and fulfilling on many levels.

5.      Makeup can be an easy way to switch up your doll’s look.

While some doll owners prefer to give their dolls a unique personality, identity and style that doesn’t change, others like variety and like to change the look of their dolls whenever they can. This can easily be done with clothes or different wigs, but make-up is a great finishing touch and can add a lot.

So what’s your favourite make-up? Do you like sexy, smoky eyes and red lips? Or maybe you like the fresh, healthy girl next door with clear lip gloss and rosy cheeks. Wherever you are, developing your ability to choose and apply cosmetics can help you bring your most cherished fantasies to life. Try it!

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