YOLAND – Big Breasts Real Dolls Tpe Yellow Hair WM Anime Mini Sex Doll – 80cm

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YOLAND cute flat Mini Sex Doll 80cm

Doll size
·Bust * Waist * Hip:50.5*30*53cm
·Vagina Depth: 17 cm


Background Story:

YOLAND is a TPE sex doll with a height of 80cm. Months passed, and we messed up each other’s minds. When I was 24, I married him, and our sex was so hot, so humid, and so long that I thought that another man would never please me in this way.

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Goodbye 3D! Enjoy your life with a real love sex dolls!

You will be able to do things together that you used to do alone, and your sex nights will be very intense. …… But as you go through this fun and intense life, your love doll will get dirty. A beautiful collection of love dolls

The body of a mini sex doll is made of a material that has a texture similar to human skin. So if dirt is left on the body, it will gradually become sticky, and if body fluids are left on the body, it will have a strange smell.
So if you have bought a love doll, you need to take care of it regularly.

The care varies from love doll to love doll. On the website where you bought your sex doll, you will find instructions on how to clean all the parts of your Cheap Sex Doll.

If water gets into the joints, rust can form inside the doll, which can cause the doll not to move as it should.

If this happens and you move your doll too much and damage the joints, your romantic comedy with sex doll man will quickly turn into a world of splashing horror. So, make sure you don’t let any water in when you’re doing maintenance on the joints.

This is a very time consuming job and some people may think that they don’t want to deal with the maintenance and if it’s that hard, they shouldn’t buy an anime sex doll ……..

But the more you take care of your realistic tpe doll, the more it will become an irreplaceable and important part of your life.

So when you buy a big boobs love doll, treat it with care.

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