19kg plump chest! Mini Sex Dolls Review!

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I valued the size and texture of the chest, so I chose the one with the largest chest to experience

Mini sex dolls is a private product, and there must be no problem with transportation. But the box is a little big.

After unpacking, I touched the breast of Mini Sex Doll. It felt really good. There were blood vessel spots and other skin details. Her chest was almost bigger than my head. The soft elastic effect was great, like jelly.

It’s much better than the official website. I don’t know how their photographer took it

Plump, no big difference from real people, especially after wearing clothes

But it’s a little pity that the finger doesn’t have a phalanx

The first advantage is that it is light. Such a plump figure is only 19kg, I can hold this up with one hand

The second advantage is good body details, teeth, tongue and nails, and great texture

The third advantage is the hand feel. This chest is very soft. It feels good, big and soft. It is very close to the chest of a real girl

Of course, there are disadvantages, such as no finger bones

It’s not a big problem. Everything is acceptable

Overall, it’s perfect. Some small problems are harmless

Whether it’s body photography or sex, it can meet the needs

I know you want to see the chest, so put the picture on





















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