11 small movements to teach you how to determine whether the boys like you!

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Love a person is not pretend, if the other party like themselves, from his performance can be seen, but also can feel that he is good to you, like you no matter what time to you are seconds back, do not like you more greetings are disturbing, come together to see if your him like you it.

Operation method
It is said that men and women look at each other for three seconds, each other have a good feeling, the probability of liking each other is 99% oh! If a person likes you, he will definitely look at you when talking to you; no matter what you say, he will always pay attention to your every move, pay special attention to your emotions and attitude.

You never know how active a person can be when he likes you, a person who likes you will not be able to resist contacting you, no matter how busy, whether it is day or night, no matter where you are; a person who likes you will not be cold for a long time, and will not find reasons to perfunctory you, active to you, will pay for you.

The real like is to appreciate the real you, accept your imperfection, a person who likes you, even if you are unkempt is also the most beautiful; like your appearance, appreciate your heart.

A person if you like you, will not mouth sweet words, twenty into the actual action, he cares about you, tolerate your so small temper, he cherished you, will care so much, care about your every move, care about your joy, anger and sadness.

Love him will give her the best, a person like you, will care about your health, unfailing care, the ultimate care like pampering; a person who likes you, will know that touch love combination is the most important gift you need, love needs details, more need that sincere and honest.

No matter how good you are at hiding your feelings, love can’t be hidden, a person who likes you, even if the mouth does not speak, love will also run out of the eyes.

A person who likes you, will make you laugh, see you will find excuses to meet with you, see more will find ways to make you happy; if you do not see you he will be sad, will worry about you, the heart can not calm down.

Cherish the person who takes the initiative on you, if you miss it, you will never meet again in this life! A person is not like you, if he sees you will show a smile, and always like to look at you quietly.

What do you want to do, what he as far as possible with you, will say something to make you happy, will praise you, such as you are very cute, stupid, stupid and so on.

Sometimes will secretly look at you, in your birthday, or special holidays, he will have a lot of reasons to give you gifts, willing to spend time for you.

One oh, two uh-huh, three words, four words. By the number of words can also see how much a person likes you, I think you must also have talked to someone you like, long-winded messages occupy most of the screen; the fewer the words the more perfunctory it feels.

Open the dialog box with the one you like, if it is clear green, then he must not like you that much, on the contrary, if you chat with each other, I think he must also have feelings for you.

He will take the initiative to start the conversation, have you eaten? What are you doing? Today’s weather is cold did you wear warm it? If you like a person, you will want to know his news at all times and know what he is doing. So, to see if a like you, see he will reply to the message in a timely manner, see the number of words and bars he replied to, see if he will care about you, through these small details you can see a person like you or not.

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