Yumiko – Buy Cheap TPE Young Girl Looking Mini Sex Doll – 100cm

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Yumiko Hot Little Petite Mini Sex Doll 100cm

Doll size
·Bust * Waist * Hip:48*37*59cm
·Hand length: 45 cm
·Foot length: 14 cm
·Vagina Depth: 16 cm
·Anal depth: 12cm
·Oral depth:10cm


Background Story:

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Real love dolls are made of better material than silicone

True Love dolls are made of better material than silicone. Silicone doll parts also have different textures, so you can choose the TPE doll that you like best. The texture of the body parts is an important part of the play experience and should be considered when choosing a Real Doll.

Each Real Doll specialty retailer has its own way of designing, so you can choose not only the structure of the parts, but also the shape and color of the hair underneath. Also, some Real Dolls have the same design of the mouth as the rest of the body, so it is advisable to check with several specialty retailers before buying. Some of them offer limited time specials, so check not only the type of sexpupe, but also the best prices for different sizes of sex dolls.

If you are looking for a real love doll that focuses on the construction of the parts, we recommend the type without hands and feet. Without hands and feet, your posing options are limited, but you can still get a truly lifelike sex doll with strong local construction and a lower price. If you need to consider both local conditions and location, we recommend checking as many different suppliers as possible to compare prices and services. The softness and freedom of the joints varies from supplier to supplier, so you should look carefully when choosing a sex doll.

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