You scare me! I want to be conscious manga sex doll

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I am sisters with two sexdoll.
They call me Hope, I am 148 cm tall and I have a sister and a sister, Ling Ling and Rona. Some people say it’s the sisters who look first in the eye, I am great because I have two sexdoll at first sight, that’s two, I have a sister Rona and a sister Ling, we three sisters dress, wash, powder, makeup and more. The process was fraught with differences and produced very different baby students.

After a hot relationship with Aggie’s 28-year-old girlfriend, he developed a taste for love dolls, kept an eye on her furry sister’s head and hugged the princess, even though she weighed 60 kg. The bumpy figure remains an impulse that makes it difficult for him to restrain his thoughts. The blood rushes to his heart as he approaches the skin of the real person, the size of his chest comes very close to the appetite of his master. And it was a passion that could not wait for the first night spent by the sister master. At the end of each sexual relationship with my sister, Kit left her aside thinking she was just a tool for love and feelings of a doll that can talk about love without thinking about it. Some people may feel sorry for my sister, but my sister says, “Our lives are given to us by people, and my sister is just doing her job.

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Ling Ling’s sisters – the “great dolls of true love” Xiaodi’s sisters like the appearance of Erhara, with an aesthetic range of 16 to 18 years old, and have chosen sisters who are not particularly old. Lao Yang felt that he could not really judge Lotus aesthetically, so he changed the makeup of Xiaodie’s sisters and then set up his camera to take photos of the dolls. Although Lao Yang was not a tool for sex, he had many ideas for Xiaodie’s sisters, and he spent more than an hour bathing, powdering, and putting on makeup. My sister’s clothes also changed according to the season and twilight, and I suddenly made her the little princess of his family. Dragons who like paper pictures also like real dragons. In daily life, Xiaodie’s sisters are a source of happiness for Lao Yang, because they take pictures of the daily life of various little butterflies, just like the models Lao Yang knows so well. Xiaodi is very satisfied with Lao Yang’s care.

As for me, his importance to my sister and my sister is special. My husband was Anning, who was afraid of being alone and longed for a warm companion, and my arrival dispelled his loneliness. Anning and I spent many happy hours together. During lunch breaks, he would sometimes lean against me and rest his head on my lap, and when the weather was nice, he would sit on the balcony and listen to songs and read books. Anne didn’t like the outside world being misunderstood as adult merchandise and kept emphasizing that Little Chest sex dolls were more than just toys. To change people’s different perceptions, Anin took me not only to exhibitions but also to parks and places where he was not afraid of public eyes. My presence warmed Anning’s heart and I became an integral part of his family.

The different owners gave different orders to our sisters. We are human desires given different souls. My thoughts come from your thought image If I do not give up my communication, I will always be accompanied by a love doll that is cold and warm. A doll may be different from a human being, but ultimately it depends on how you see it. If, like Kit in the article, he sees the doll as a “gun rack,” then it is just a “gun rack.” Lao Yang, on the other hand, sees this real doll in a much deeper way: Not only does he dress it and admire it, but Aine treats his love doll in a very special way, putting himself inside the doll’s body, like a spiritual pillar. The quest is a companionship, the doll accompanies him and he accompanies the love doll. Note that even with the dolls, the emotions are linked.

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