Women want to have sex when the performance

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Maybe she was not good at whining, but suddenly one day she pestered you to buy children’s food to eat, or childish, or like to make a fuss, as if everything to rely on you, stick to you.

Teasing you, touching you
Pinching you, hitting you, harassing you, touching …. The skin is obviously in a “hungry” state, women are breathing through the skin, how long have you not touched her? The touch can be a physical activity, but also includes the verbal touch.

Active hugging
Hugging and kissing is a very simple and intimate physical contact between two people, but also an important step in the erotic tease. When a woman wants to make love, she will become particularly active, but will not tell you personally “I want it”, but actively looking for hugs, close to the partner. When she takes the initiative to lie in your arms and pamper you, she is waiting for further intimacy from you.

Look at you with ambiguous eyes
When the girlfriend wants to snap with you, she will stare straight at you, she through such a hint to the man she loves a wake up call, if the man can understand the woman’s meaning, the two will be more like glue, unwilling to part.

Deliberately go naked
You will sometimes think she is a very careless girl, because you will often find that she has no idea to slip the neckline, and sometimes, you can even see her under the skirt scenery.
This fragrant scene is not a small temptation for you. In fact, it is not her carelessness.
When you first remind her, she will be very nervous to organize. But later you find that she reveals a larger scale, this time er can feel her temptation more clearly.
She knows you have noticed, so she is more bold to show her proud body, is to tell you: she wants to snap.

Women love to snack because they are lonely, those old time aunts like to get high, east and west short to move the right and wrong, is because of the lack of nourishment of the lord, is the expression of the loneliness of the lips and tongue.

This is a kind of stoicism, is the eve of a volcanic eruption, so you have to hurry to respond, or you are responsible for the consequences. Her low profile, her hard work, is done for you to see, in fact, to impress your heart, so that you treat her.


She screams pain for three days, but does not go to the doctor, in fact, she is secretly looking at you, to see how you
What is the reaction, to see if you panic, care about it? In fact, she may just be an “emotional pain”, and the area is mostly warm, such as the waist, shoulders, or even buttocks or palpitations or something.

Heavy breathing
A woman’s breathing becomes heavy, this is absolutely impossible to disguise a sexual excitement performance. When she is in your arms or kissing you, her breathing becomes urgent and fast, her heart beats faster, and her body responds positively, becoming very soft, hooking her arms around your neck and twisting her legs around unconsciously, this body language is already very obvious.

Hip movements become abundant
A woman’s arms are a standard of sensuality. When her hip movements become rich and she repeats the same movement many times, it is actually her inner desire for sex and for him to enter her body.

Have a little tantrum
Sometimes women will throw a little tantrum, such as: gently hammering you, patting you, touching you. In fact, this is a hint to you that she wants to fap with you, at this time she is in a “hungry” state, when the intimate physical contact and mutual satisfaction can replace all the language.

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