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We all know that women are very concerned about physical contact, a lot of physical contact in their hearts are with the meaning of pampering, the following we will take a look at where women most like men touch her body!


Touching a woman’s hair is often the classic action inside the idol drama, not blame the idol drama, it is the action in the eyes of women too spoiled, most women like to dearly touch their hair, they take this as a kind of attention to themselves.

Chest is the most sensitive place for women, generally have the desire of men like to stroke the woman’s chest, of course, women will also be stimulated to. But men still need to be gentle when stroking, not too rough, which will make the woman’s body discomfort.

If a man puts his hand on a woman’s waist, and is stroking back and forth, the woman’s whole body will have a tingling feeling, she will be overwhelmed, and then snuggle in your arms, which means that the woman is completely conquered by your touch, and then the man wants to want the woman are unable to resist.

Waist hip and thighs
Women’s buttocks are very sensitive parts, gently patting her buttocks, drawing circles on the buttocks with your fingers, can arouse sexual desire. The inner thighs are sometimes more sensitive than the reproductive organs, the action must be gentle.

Many women say that their backs are very sensitive, and stroking the right side of a woman’s spine is more likely to make her body soft than stroking the left. It turns out that the right side of the spine, between the helper bone and the lumbar interval has a wealth of nerve endings, these nerves stimulate the brain, will make women more likely to want to get into the wrong.

When the man put his fingers between the woman’s lips, touching back and forth, one will make women become very sexy, the second will make women become very sensitive to touch, so softly touch, I believe that many women will not be able to control.

Ears and neck
More than half of the women said they like their lovers to touch with their hands and kiss their necks and behind their ears with their mouths. These parts of the skin are relatively thin, blood vessels and nerve ends are relatively shallow, so the touch is very sensitive.

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