Wie man Defekte Sex Silikon puppen recycelt

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The way to restore silicone sex dolls.






The dolls produced by sex doll manufacturers include some handmade products. For machine-made parts such as TPE, silicone doll raw materials and skeletons, although the yield is guaranteed to be high, the construction and processing of the raw edges may lead to errors. If the yield of the doll is 90%, what about the 10%? This should be done in two ways.

1.indeterminate number
These dolls are generally not sold. As a rule, they are destroyed in the factory. If there are still raw materials, they will be recycled.

2.Slightly defective sex dolls
For example, if a worker cuts with too much force, there will be a defect similar to the appearance of the finished product. At this time, the factory will usually ask the agent if he wants them. Many agents prefer this product because it is so cheap, so you see unfair discounts all over the world, some of which may be flawed.It is much better to choose our cheap sex dolls because they are brand new and flawless.

high quality sex dolls
In addition, there is a special case of the stock. For example, this raw material is produced in the factory and has a very short shelf life. If it is not consumed within the specified time, it is wasted. Therefore, we take the surplus parts in the factory and ship them directly without waiting for the next order so that we can have it in stock. No inferior product, no price difference with new products.

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