Why men can not find a girlfriend, seven characteristics to tell you the truth

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Now many men are lamenting why they can’t find a girlfriend, sometimes they feel they are no worse than others, yet others have many women around for him to choose from. In fact, men do not know that the girls do not choose you also have their reasons, and now we will talk about some common reasons.


Bad temper.
Many girls are actually very afraid of future partners grumpy, just like the ancient times, accompanied by the king as accompanied by a tiger, a discontent will want to scold, you can not return the mouth, because simply can not quarrel with others, so girls always try to avoid those who have a bad temper of the boys, to avoid buried hidden dangers for marriage, can not afford to mess with me can not afford to hide, so it is more unlikely to contact them.

Girls looking for a significant other are hoping that the other party can protect themselves and give them a sense of security, but many boys are more delicate than girls, walking on small steps, ask how such a gap allows girls to accept, even if there is nothing outstanding in terms of physical size, but at least have to bear. No girl wants to marry someone to be a bodyguard.

Selfishness and self-interest
If a guy takes selfishness as a habit, it is very difficult to correct, everything for their own thoughts, but never for the girls to think. This is nothing to say, the girl will certainly run far away.

Have bad habits:
I believe we have seen many because of gambling, alcohol and other bad behavior and the wife and children, this is the most disgusting girls, the two people have unpredictable bad consequences of the relationship. So girls just hope that their partners are a little more reliable, if they are involved in any bad habits, and do not think there are girls close to you.

Do not pay attention to the personal image of:
The love of beauty is in everyone, although people can not look, but at least let others look past it. If a guy is very sloppy look every day, then people who see him certainly do not want to approach him, will think he is very useless.

The eyes of the low:
It refers to the kind of all day is a “high” look of the boys, in fact, there is no special place of excellence, but never look down on others, feel that others do not deserve them. This kind of words let him destroy himself.

Timid, shy:
This kind is very helpless, many thin-skinned boys in front of the girls they like are a squirm, pretending not to care about the look. Thus lost a lot of opportunities to wait until you want to pluck up the courage to confess, others have long been “flowers famous owner”.

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