Why doesn’t my boyfriend let me look at him and go through his phone?

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Why does the boyfriend not let go through the phone
Many girls hate their boyfriends playing games, especially the recent very hot King’s Glory hand game, hometown, boys have been unable to control themselves, playing games to even eat. At the same time will also ignore the time to accompany your girlfriend, he does not let you look at his phone, it is likely that you are afraid to secretly sell the game equipment that you can not easily get, or afraid that you play ranking off the segment.

The boy is also the same, will also complain, may be in your own aggrieved, can not vent with you, find their close friends to complain about, whine, or talk to their buddies about some juvenile topics, he does not want you to find, do not want to ruin the good image in your heart, if you see the phone recently not allowed, maybe he wants to give you a surprise.

In fact, boys and girls alike, are lovers of beauty, are fond of selfie, like p pictures, may not be sent to the circle of friends like girls, but he will save in the album, she is afraid that you look at found him these ugly photos, in your heart of the beautiful image of a big discount, but also afraid that you feel and myself do not match, usually more can make fun of his handle.

The other party wants privacy. Everyone wants to have a private place for themselves, this place is only shown to themselves, do not want to share with others. Many people will see the phone as their own hidden secret, do not want to share too much with others some of these things, which is also justifiable. This is a matter of personal principle, not that the other party does not care about you at all.

The man is afraid of trouble, the most afraid is the woman’s catch, and then the English some unwarranted things to quarrel, hurt each other’s feelings, even if the phone inside what the problem is not, but the man clear your temper, not willing to show you the phone, just do not want to make you angry, if you think the man really exists what the problem, we should be more from the usual get along to observe, you can feel The other side of your attitude change, even if there are problems you go through his phone, cell phone records can not be deleted?

You do not respect each other enough. If you insist on looking at each other’s cell phones, the other party has no respect, do not know the truth of mutual understanding, but also did not consider each other’s feelings, then the other party may appear rebellious psychology, originally wanted to give you to see, the results in your all kinds of coercion, but insisted on refusing to give you to see, it is also possible.

Even the closest people should have their own privacy, belong to their own space, do not let you see the phone is not wrong, if you frequently want to check his phone, will only make the boy more resentful of you, think you turn his phone is a manifestation of his distrust, generally educated Western boys will regard their privacy is very important, they do not like their privacy is violated. In a relationship or more to give each other some trust, your feelings to last with you.

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