Why choose as TPE sex doll?

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TPE sex dolls are a good choice.












TPE is very durable and flexible, and the skeleton allows the doll to move realistically. To preserve the integrity of the material, you should not leave the doll in an overstretched position for a long period of time. tpe dolls are very elastic, but overstretching can cause the doll to deform or the material to crack. You should return the doll to its original position after use and store it. You should avoid contact of the TPE skin with sharp objects, as this can damage the outer layer, just like the actual skin! If the skin is stretched or squeezed too much, it may crack or break, and the TPE doll will have a shorter life than a silicone doll.

What do you get…

All of our TPE sex dolls come with a free wig, clothing, conditioner, gloves, authenticity card and information booklet.

We offer a selection of skin tones, bones, eye colors, wigs, vagina types, breasts, body types, facial features and more. All real TPE dolls in our assortment offer oral, vaginal and anal sex for your pleasure. The manufacturer uses high quality TPE sex doll material in our selection of adult sex dolls. Who needs inflatable dolls when you can have the realism of TPE.

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Other factors to consider when buying a TPE doll include.

TPE absorbs color from clothing, so you must choose clothing and materials in non-transferable colors to decorate your doll. Color transfer stains are usually not easy to remove. You should not leave your TPE doll in the sun, as this can deteriorate the material and shorten the life expectancy of the TPE.

If you scratch, scuff or cut the TPE skin of your doll, it can be repaired with the special TPE glue that is available. We can advise you on such repairs.

It is best to store your TPE doll on a memory foam to avoid impressions on the skin. If your doll has dents or excessive wrinkles, warm the area and place the doll in a neutral position.

We only sell sex dolls that we believe in and can guarantee our customers will be satisfied with.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.