Where can I buy a Realdoll?

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Introduction to the love dolls.




















The material used for inflatable dolls is the latest internationally recognized polymeric non-toxic physical material. The material meets international hygiene standards and is harmless to the skin. The solidly made Realdoll have realistic appearance, soft and elastic skin and can replace real people for sexual satisfaction. The limbs of the inflatable simulation dolls are easy to move and can be shaped in various ways, with a texture that closely resembles the feel of a real person. The flexible limbs can be adjusted to fit any posture. The material is also very durable and heat resistant, so you can take a duck bath with your inflatable doll. Some intricately designed, almost lifelike inflatable dolls are considered art objects for collectors or admirers, and some love dolls can be played with by dressing them differently, applying makeup or changing their hairstyle.

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The price of a real love doll
The price of a life-size real doll depends on its quality. Another important part is the physical part that stands out, and the whole set is made of soft material. At present, real dolls are mainly available at home and abroad, and Japanese and American dolls are the better ones. They make sex dolls just like the Japanese life-size dolls we describe, and I find the Japanese life-size dolls beautiful from afar. We need to improve the quality of our love dolls in Japan because we had a slow start. How much do real dolls cost? In general, household dolls are cheaper. They are fleshier than a physical Dutch wife, you can play with them alone, they can be treated like a mistress and have the same characteristics as a mistress, they are sexy, attractive and beautiful. Contribution. How much does a real love doll cost? Dolls are not easy to keep, because some Chinese people think they are conservative. They are also expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars and prohibitively expensive for the average Chinese. In the case of real love dolls, this requires those involved in the Chinese sex products industry to redouble their efforts to introduce sex dolls as quickly as possible.

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