When is a woman’s sexual desire strongest in a month?

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Menstruation refers to the bleeding caused by the cyclical peeling of the endometrium that accompanies the cyclical changes of the female ovaries and is called menses. When menstruation occurs, it indicates that the reproductive function has matured. How should I calculate the menstrual cycle? Most normal menstrual cycles are between 28-35 days. The menstrual cycle refers to the first day of menstruation, which is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The time between the first day of two menstrual periods is called the menstrual cycle.

The first week: the menstrual period.
On the first day of the month when our period arrives, our body’s estrogen and progesterone levels are at their lowest point of the month and there is a hormonal deficiency. Then, before menstruation, not every woman will have symptoms, but most of them can have slight back pain, lumbar pain, and also a feeling of heaviness in the breasts. A few women may have more pronounced abdominal pain, clinically known as dysmenorrhea, and some have mental tension, which mostly occur before menstruation, and the symptoms gradually disappear after menstruation. You can find the precursors of menstruation according to your menstrual pattern. Since the body’s immune function decreases after menstruation, try not to choose surgery or other operations at this time, and do not take anti-coagulant drugs, which may lead to excessive menstrual flow. You should pay attention to mental relaxation, get enough sleep and nutrition, and do not engage in strenuous sports or labor.

The latest report from the National Cancer Institute shows that the breast is most “relaxed” during the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle. It is best for women to have breast exams during this time because it is easier for doctors to diagnose and women will feel better about breast exams because the breasts are most “cooperative” during this time, especially for young women.

For all women, no matter what stage of the menstrual cycle you are in, if you find discharge from your nipples or feel a lump in your breast, it is recommended that you go to the hospital as soon as possible for a relevant examination.

Week 2: Ovulation.
Every woman has a pair of ovaries, which in addition to secreting female hormones such as estrogen, also have the function of ovulation, generally one egg cell is discharged every month, most of them are ovulated in turn, in a few cases there are two or even more than two eggs discharged at once, if each meets a sperm to conceive, it becomes a multiple pregnancy. Ovulation has a certain regularity. Generally, the ovaries ovulate once every 28 days or so, and ovulation occurs around the 14th day of menstruation, which is the ovulation period. If the menstrual cycle is not 28 days, but is advanced or delayed, then ovulation will occur about 14 days before the next period. For women who use ovulation as a contraceptive, ovulation is safe beyond the day of ovulation and the 5 days before and after. Sometimes, ovulation may occur unexpectedly, that is, outside the ovulation period.

Ovulation is the most sensual week for mature women, when they feel the urge to have sex more than at any other time of the year. It is normal for women to experience a high sex drive during ovulation, which is caused by increased hormone levels in the body.

If you are planning to have children, it is best to have intercourse during the ovulation period, while if you are not planning to have children for the time being, it is best to take effective contraceptive measures when having intercourse during the ovulation period to avoid unwanted pregnancy. And this is the best time to do some more challenging work, because your brain is very active at this time. There is a relevant study by American scientists that concluded that as the estrogen level in the body rises, so does the person’s cognitive ability. So, if you have a 28-day cycle, your brain is most flexible and your short term memory is strongest from day 12 to day 14, so you can put some challenging work into this stage.

Week 3: The gestational period.
The walls of the uterus become soft and thickened, the size and shape is not yet visible, it is about the size of an egg. The breasts, the ovaries begin to produce luteinizing hormone, the breasts become slightly harder, the nipples darken and become very sensitive, and the slightest touch can cause pain. Some pregnant mothers may not feel this condition. At the same time, women’s sexual desire will be greatly reduced, and during this period, they will not be as eager for sex as they were in the first few days.

During this period, women may find themselves suddenly becoming pampered and especially eager to be caressed. The relevant doctor’s analysis is that when the body progesterone levels are high, fellow women want to be cared for and tenderly caressed by others.

At this stage of the woman is most vulnerable to sexual diseases, relevant research shows that women in the second half of the menstrual cycle are more likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, etc.. The reason is: this period of the reproductive system in the antiviral cells in the most “depressed” state, so the virus is also the easiest to “take advantage of the situation”.

Week 4: PMS.
In the fourth week, the progesterone level reaches its peak, and some women will have PMS, when the menstruation is about to come, the woman’s body and mind will appear light or heavy ‘premenstrual syndrome’, including restlessness, emotional instability, easy to conflict with others, chest or abdominal swelling, weight gain, general swelling, appetite changes, mouth ulcers, acne, headaches, etc. These conditions usually appear ten to fourteen days before menstruation.

The desire to have sex during this period is due to hormonal changes in your body and is a normal physiological phenomenon. However, what is different from the hormone-induced libido during midmenstruation is that the desire for sex during this period is caused by the stress caused by premenstrual irritability and pelvic congestion. Premenstrual sex can give women more comfort and can also relieve their emotions.

Take care not to eat cold and spicy food in the premenstrual period, pay attention to avoid getting cold so as not to cause dysmenorrhea, and drink more boiled water. Properly increase nutrition such as protein, vitamins and iron, calcium, etc. During menstruation should eat a little more eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.

Menstruation and sexual desire of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.
20 years old: adolescent dysmenorrhea pain will gradually diminish with age, if you are getting worse, you may have endometritis, if in addition to dysmenorrhea is also accompanied by painful intercourse should be more attention, at this time you should go to the hospital to do the relevant examination.

30 years old: The most regular stage in a woman’s life is the 30 years old stage, 30 years old women are more likely to be troubled by premenstrual syndrome, each time before the menstrual period to spend a few days uncomfortable days, women’s body and mind will appear light or heavy ‘premenstrual syndrome’, including restlessness, emotional instability and other problems. 30 years old women appear Menstrual pain and excessive menstrual flow may be a symptom of endometritis or fibroids and should be taken into account.

Age 40: First of all, your menstrual flow may increase. In addition, the length of your menstrual cycle may change from a 21-day cycle to a 35-day cycle and then to a 27-day cycle, which is normal and does not require too much anxiety. irregular bleeding at age 40 may be a symptom of uterine polyps, and although the ovaries are not ovulating as regularly as they used to, and the frequency of ovulation has decreased, problems with contraception should not be ignored.

Women can be divided into two categories when it comes to sexual desire: those who do not feel sexual desire at all and those who feel it significantly, even strongly. Regardless of which situation your fellow women are in, you need to take care of yourself, pay attention to the relevant precautions no matter what stage your period is in, love yourself a little more, and care more about your health.

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