What does the action of the boy’s hand mean when kissing

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Couples in love, always involuntarily start kissing each other, and boys in the kissing time, hands always like to do something. So in the kissing boys these hand movements, respectively, what does it represent?


Stroke your hair: In the kiss, if the boy’s hand simply stroking your hair, it represents the boy’s love is very tender, and usually pay more attention to detail, is a more sensual people. Such a performance also shows that the boy is very fond of the girl, and even want to spoil her into a little princess.

Wrapped around your waist, holding your face, on your shoulders: such a boy reveals love is more tolerant, atmospheric, that is, he is a more confident person, and believe that they can conquer each other. This kind of boy is generally very persistent in love, because he always believes in beautiful love.

Hold tight: If the boy holds the other person very tightly during the kiss, it proves that the man is insecure and afraid of losing the other person. This love is very passionate, but if the control is not particularly good, it is likely to love suffocating, will make the other party feel no space for themselves, privacy.

Touch your buttocks: If the boy likes to put his hands on your buttocks when kissing, then it proves that this person is a more passionate person and knows a lot about women’s hearts. This love is also more mature, he will be less childish inside a lot of love, is a charming and dangerous person.

Touchy: Most of these boys are more impetuous, for them, love is fresh, adventurous and challenging, so they are sometimes unsure of love, simply because they lack love-related experience. This type of person can not say whether it is good or bad, only specific analysis of the specific case.

In fact, kissing in love is a very normal thing, even if you have no experience in this area, but as long as you want, as long as you love each other, then you can kiss each other, the boys must have confidence, must be active Oh.

If you really do not know how to kiss, but also afraid of embarrassment in the kissing time, then please write down these 10 kissing considerations.

1, fresh breath: before kissing must ensure that their mouth does not smell, before going out on a date to avoid eating garlic onions and other food, it is best to chew a chewing gum, keep your breath fresh. 2, do not open your mouth too big: at the time of the kiss, at first should become a cherry mouth, and then slowly open their mouths, so that their tongues and each other’s tongues tangled, but need to pay attention when the mouth must 3, posture to change: do not repeat the same rhythm when kissing, often changing posture will increase each other’s interest, but also not easy to get sore neck. 4, hands do not touch: when kissing, hands on holding each other well, do not touch, if you really can not control their hands, you can put their hands to gently touch each other 5, tongue do not move: how to tongue kissing technology is not good, the best way is not to move the tongue, do not use the tongue to add each other’s teeth. If the tongue kissing technology is very good, then you can properly move their tongues, said not necessarily the other side will be more like. 6, collect the saliva: kissing time saliva will inevitably run out, but this can not be helped, you control their own saliva, because too much saliva, some girls will feel very disgusting. 7, do not think about sex when kissing: in the kissing time it is best not to think about sex, because this will make The other side feels that you are just for sex to be with her, which will make each other insecure. 8, close your eyes to enjoy: when kissing do not keep your eyes open to gaze at each other, which will make everyone very embarrassed, the best way is to close your eyes to enjoy your kiss this time. 9, have confidence in their own ask: after the kiss, do not keep asking each other how they feel about their kiss, which will This will make the other party into a difficult state. The important thing is to have confidence in your own kiss, don’t keep kissing each other. 10, kissing also need to learn: in fact, kissing is a technology, not everyone is born to know, so usually often and each other kissing, can effectively improve your kissing skills Oh.

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