What are the dangers of overindulgence?

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Many people always rely on their good health, rich and strong, they will be overly obsessed with sex life. In the case of such frequent sexual life, the sexual system is in a long-term overload state, resulting in overload of the sexual system, long-term congestion of the sexual organs, without sufficient rest and recovery time. In the long run, the overburdened sexual system will be dysfunctional, erectile function is inhibited, closed, it leads to the emergence of erectile dysfunction.

Over-indulgence will cause loss of kidney yang, the yuan yang is not solid, commonly known as kidney deficiency kidney deficiency leads to weakened sexual function, lumbago, dream sperm, urinary frequency and urgency, spontaneous sweating and night sweating, tinnitus and palpitations, weakness of the limbs.

Tiredness, depression, lethargy, easily feeling tired at work, lack of concentration in study, and drowsiness.

Weakness of the whole body, weakness of the back and legs, laziness, heavy head and light feet, dizziness, laxity of the eyes.

Too frequent sex can lead to dilution of semen and decrease in sperm quality, and in serious cases, reduce the chances of pregnancy for the woman.

Too frequent erection of sexual organs can cause sexual dysfunction and decline of sexual function.

It will prolong the ejaculation time, which may induce impotence, non-ejaculation, delayed ejaculation time, and no pleasure in sex.

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