The story of a sex doll restorer

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Many waifus have more than one sex doll, but what if one doll tips over and breaks?






Slade Fiero is a former professional sex doll restorer who has repaired countless dolls. By his own account, he has repaired more than 100 expensive erotic objects in a career spanning more than 10 years. He says that overuse is just one of the main causes of sex doll restoration damage, and that improper storage is also the cause.

Slade Fiero explains that sex dolls can last a very long time if they are well cared for. Improper storage of the sex doll, for example, can cause dents in the body, which in the long run can become irreparable injuries. Most at risk are the moving joints, such as the armpits, crotch, knees, elbows and armpits. He adds that not all repairs are as simple as using repair glue or replacing the damaged area.

According to Slade Fiero, the dolls he receives upon delivery are sometimes so badly damaged that he refuses to repair them again after the initial repair. He recalls one very rude customer who intentionally tore off the left leg of the sex doll, and he believes that rude customers make him uncomfortable because they can be violent. He has also seen many dolls mistreated and not properly cared for!

Slade Fiero’s entry into professional doll care has been an interesting experience, and Slade knows that repairing sex dolls is an experience that many people would love to have, including himself. Grooming is very important for sex dolls, especially because the dolls look so much like real people.

Before he started his career as a sex doll restorer, he wanted to own an exquisite mannequin and bought a used sex doll on eBay for that purpose, then contacted the factory that made the dolls to get the tools for doll restoration. From there, Slade Fiero set out to become a sex doll restorer. Because of his experience in anatomy, having worked with a local doctor, the dolls he restores are often very restorative for this reason.

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How Slade Fiero got started restoring sex dolls began by following the doll factory employees on a tour of the doll production process, which led him to tackle his first restoration of a doll. The first doll he restored had a damaged head, and he filmed and posted a video on his website of him driving around the sex doll’s head with many tools as if he were operating on a human.

This has made his doll restoration videos very famous online because they are so wonderfully creative and novel. One year, his doll restoration was featured in a prestigious magazine, and this overwhelming response gave him the idea that he could become a professional sex doll repairer. His previous work, including the people he met, was so commonplace that the opportunity for novelty was so rare that Slade Fiero was able to make a good amount of money by offering the fully restored dolls for sale on eBay.

He also said that the price of a high-quality Real Doll could be equivalent to the price of a small car or a locomotive. He has never had to deal with customers who make unreasonable demands, and his career has gone very well. For example, he had a customer who took him to Las Vegas twice just to fix his Real Doll.

Also, he says that a Real Doll weighs as much as a real person. Therefore, he had to carry the doll in a wheelchair or on a cart every time he wanted to take it to the repair room. He was also asked to design the first Real Doll for a company, which he was very happy about. However, he also admits that the clientele for this service is very limited.

Considering his work, Slade Fiero has never had relationship problems and jokes that a house full of Real Dolls makes him even more popular with women. He believes that dolls are bought to satisfy physical needs. However, after a decade-plus career as a doll restorer, he doesn’t think Real Dolls or robots are the ideal companions, nor does he believe anything can replace human warmth forever.

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