The opposite sex has a good feeling for you 10 kinds of performance

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When you get along with the opposite sex, you will find such a phenomenon, that is, accidentally, the two people seem to rub out the spark of love, sometimes there will be some small ambiguity, or love, but not very sure. The opposite sex, if you have a good feeling about you, certainly can not escape these kinds of performance.


To you have a good feeling for people, will certainly be particularly concerned about your emotional changes, when you are unhappy, he will be keen to capture, and then anxious for you, or try to make you happy, etc., in short, is very concerned about you.

You can know what you like, you can also casually mention your hobbies, and will even have no qualms about mentioning your name in front of your parents and friends, and will also say some interesting things about you to them.

In the encounter of unhappy things, or when the mood is extremely depressed and sad, he will be the first to talk to you, want to listen to the advice, and even more, will be drunk, call you, say some heart.

Will not hesitate to stand behind you, no matter what you do, will take you into account, when you encounter difficulties, the first time to accompany you, will choose to believe in you, to carry with you.

From time to time to prepare some small surprises for you, or like things, especially in your birthday festivals, will always receive his well-prepared gifts, the usual time will also be alone about you to go out to dinner, play and so on.

Special concern for your side of the opposite sex friends, when you find you around the opposite sex out of the time, on purpose to inquire about you and his concern, there is no very close, or there is no good feelings and so on, once found wrong, will find ways to stop.

When he has a good feeling about you, you will find that he suddenly became love to dress up, every meeting clothes are clean, fresh, well-dressed look, this is because he likes you, so will certainly present their best side in front of you.

He will show off to you, like you, he especially want to get your approval and praise, whether in learning or work, as long as the go get some small progress, he will be very happy to tell you, hoping to get your praise.

When you take the initiative to ask him or request his help, it will seem particularly positive, will not hesitate to agree, and then all kinds of preparation, in order to be able to give you a good impression or to help you.

Always appear in your line of sight, no matter how far away you are, as long as he has a good feeling about you, then will certainly often appear on your side, looking for various excuses to meet with you, or send you WeChat, so that you can notice him at all times.

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