The full list of hazards of early love

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Nowadays, more and more children are falling in love early, so let’s take a look at what are the dangers of early love!


Premature love can seriously affect learning
This is also one of the fundamental reasons why teachers and parents oppose early love, because in the secondary school era, the most important thing we do is to study. Some students swear that falling in love will not affect their studies, but will be more serious, which is simply a fool’s errand. This is a dream. Early love distracts you from your studies, so you can’t put your mind on it, and your studies will only plummet, so in order to have good grades and a bright future, we need to stay away from early love as soon as possible.

Early love can cause psychological trauma
Many people in early love period are young and frivolous, and most people in the era of youthful ignorance, treat their feelings are not too responsible, so they will form a deep injury between each other, and this injury will be deeply buried in the bottom of the heart, can not pass away, so that the damage suffered by early love will be very large, young and frivolous injury is also a bad side of early love, which is perhaps the many people The root cause of the first love is not a perfect ending.

Early love will affect the health of the body
The people in love often have “a day without seeing like three years” feeling, always wanting each other, and even “for the gentleman wasted”. The breakup of the love is more painful, often do not eat and drink, and do not want to sleep, seemingly lethargic, and secondary school students is the golden age of growth, will cause damage to the normal development of the body. Some even develop into sexual relationships, which is not fully physiological development of secondary school students is a serious devastation, if something happens, it will affect the normal life of the future.

Early lovers are prone to sexual transgressions
Adolescent sexual consciousness, strong desire for the opposite sex, easily excited, difficult to control their feelings, behavior is easy to impulsive, easy to act on the spur of the moment and regardless of the consequences of behavior, thus appearing some transgressions, such as unmarried sex, unmarried pregnant. Once these behaviors occur, the person concerned will be ashamed to see others, fear, even if they do not feel how, but later to their frustration, inferiority complex can not be described in words, the impact on adult emotional life, often difficult to make up. In a survey of sex offenders, it was found that their first sexual offense between the ages of 15-19 years old accounted for 50.1% of males and 71.9% of females. Conversely, there is an undeniable relationship between sexual sins as a teenager and their later path to crime.

Early love is extremely difficult to succeed
Due to the blindness and immaturity of early love, early lovers rarely enter into marriage. Parents, school intervention, the rift between the two feelings, promotion, transfer, work and other factors are too many to make early love this unhealthy infant midway aborted. According to the survey, there is a history of love among students, 42.9% of the survey has broken off the relationship, there are 30.2% of people although the surface to maintain a relationship, but the heart understands that the breakup is sooner or later, still maintain a relationship only 26.9%. Even if early love towards marriage, the security of this marriage is also questionable, according to American social psychologists, in divorce cases, the highest percentage of men married before the age of 23, and the most of them married at the age of 19.

Early love can affect the mind and outlook on life
People who fall in love early tend to prescribe their behavior as falling in love, without realizing that falling in love is a relationship of deprivation and deprivation. Once they choose this one, they lose the power to choose another. High school students are unsettled and prone to change in their thinking and outlook on life. Girls tend to be big and sensible about their feelings, and once they fall in love, they are easily tempted by sweet words and rely on trusting each other, losing the innocence they should have. And the boys’ hearts are like in the maturity period, very unstable, the change of heart image will produce new, never satisfied needs, which will certainly produce psychological hard.
In addition, as the relationship deepens, the halo over each other will be dimmed and lost; there are many people who initially fell in love early just to have fun, and then once they want to escape from it, they will have a sense of guilt like betrayal, again making students anxious.

Early love can affect social interaction
Early love of male and female students are keen to be alone with their lovers, in order to avoid the eyes and ears, they often find some no acquaintances, secluded paths and lanes, and lovers to rely on each other leave, hate the interference of others. In the long run, this two-person world will gradually be separated from the public, they also rarely interact with the majority of classmates normally, and gradually form a gap with the collective and classmates, pushing themselves into isolation.

Early love causes great harm to both families
There are few cases of family conflicts, children running away from home, and children going to extremes to commit suicide because of early love. These things will both sides of the family will cause indelible damage.

Early love will increase the financial burden
Students have little ability to earn money. And spend is basically the parents’ money, many secondary school students in order to love face, will compare each other, spend a lot of money to the definition of love, which is to increase a great economic burden, not only parents or students are an undesirable thing, and the expenses will not become restrained, advise you not to fall in love early!

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