The first real sex doll comes on the market

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According to the manufacturers of sex dolls, most of the current sex dolls are made of non-toxic, odorless, oxidation and aging resistant silicone and are very robust. The pores and hairs are very delicate.















If this is the case, then what is the difference between a real person and a realistic love doll? Finally, we have rigid real doll joints wrapped with synthetic rubber, so some of them can move freely like a human and pull into the desired shape. As for posing, don’t overdo it or it will cause distractions. Looking for a real rubber sex doll, the design has been able to help them install a heartbeat and temperature device, which means that if we click a button on him, then he can make different sounds, or the temperature of the street or chest will rise, depending on the frequency of action.

Mesedoll D10003 05 – Young Sex Doll
Of course, to make life easier for cheap dolls, TPE dolls with intelligent functions could be made, that is, informative and intelligent devices that have simple conversations with people… A very comfortable sex life with people has become possible. What is the difference between a real person and a physical sex doll when there is a simple verbal communication in a peaceful moment?

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