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Hot period of men and women always avoid kissing, so how to kiss it, what are the kissing skills.

Kissing skills
Avoid breath, kissing when the mouth has a strange taste, that is very embarrassing, before the date it is best to avoid eating big flavors of food, such as garlic, leeks and so on these, brush your teeth, or eat a chewing gum, all must remember that good breath is the beginning of the kiss.

Wet lips, use good lip balm, lips slightly moist can be, so that kissing to more smooth, but also more likely to bring a pleasant experience.

Close your eyes, can appear a picture you enjoy, but also to avoid the embarrassment of looking directly at each other, to create an infinite space of reverie.

Close your lips, at the beginning, first gently lip to lip, and then begin to lick each other’s upper and lower lips with a wet and smooth tongue, so that it feels the taste buds of your tongue, a good start can make the two kissing feeling more per second, and this is also very suitable for the first kiss.

Sucking lips, when kissing, use strong sucking force, sucking each other’s lips, can make each other fully feel your desire for her, but because the girl’s lips mucous membrane is very fragile, kissing when over-aggressive may make it like blood bean-like stasis, so boys must pay attention to keep as gentle as possible, if you see each other’s expression becomes painful, must immediately stop, which can win the girl’s This can win the girl’s favor.

The use of tongue, tongue deep into each other’s throats, heavy licking, heavy pressure, is a dominant possession-like kiss, which is a rather uncomfortable kiss, but there are still people who are happy in it, but also in the kissing time to bite each other’s tongues, oh, imagine that each other’s tongue is something delicious, but not too hard, or it will also hurt.

The use of hands: hands can be placed on each other’s waist, or hug on each other’s back, or hands gently hold each other’s face and so on the way, hand coordination, can make kissing have a more beautiful feeling.

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