Surprisingly You Mentioned Mini Sex Doll

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What body and what face and introduce us to your “Specifications” The choice of a doll is a high-risk business that is worth me avoiding mistakes and being ignorant in this field. Surprisingly, you mentioned the Mini Sex Doll, and I described her in the first post. It is disturbing that it took me a long time to realize that the beauties that directly touched me all have the same faces. Changes in wigs, clothes and makeup, and changes, are dazzling.

If one day exists, there is nothing but this face. His sincere and mysterious expression is fascinating. As you said, Valentine, her character seems disturbing. How do you choose from a goddess to a nymph? You are right, you have to decide on a plan that will be called “the target woman in my dream” and it is a complete plan. Regarding the size, below 1m60, I feel uncomfortable.

In terms of weight, I think the chance of lighter is better. From the appearance, the slender silhouette is hardly surreal, but it is not excessive. There are many Olivler dolls of 158 and 165 cm on the authorized seller’s website. All manufacturers provide them. To reduce this important choice, you should define the maximum allowable weight for you, because in fact, you can have very different weights at the same size.

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