Story Of Sex Doll Marlys – Catwoman’s Retribution

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Mini Sex Doll Story Begins

Recently, I haven’t been able to meet with sex doll Marlys because of my busy work.

After surviving the crazy overtime work, I finally ushered in the vacation, lying motionless in bed.

–There was a knock at the door–

Me: who are you

–The knock on the door continued–

Me: Well… Here I am

I propped up my tired body and reluctantly walked to the door.

Me: who the hell is it…

Girl: ah, finally open the door

Me: Who are you looking for, miss?

Girl: huh? Master, don’t you recognize me? It’s me

Me: is it a fraud, but this little girl is really cute

Girl: eh? Master, you are too much! It’s just that I haven’t seen you for a while, so I’ve forgotten!

Me: Master, eh? Are you

Marlys: I’m your girlfriend, Marlys! Just a new hairstyle, master… You don’t recognize me?

Me: fuck? You’re Marlys!!!!

Marlys: Master, what do you think of my new hairstyle~

Me: very good

Marlys: Hey, that’s great

Marlys: Master, your dark circles are so deep. Haven’t you had a good rest recently?

Me: the damn boss put everything on me. I don’t have time to rest

Me: there seems to be nothing to drink at home. I’ll go down and buy some drinks. Wait a minute

Marlys: Master looks really tired… What can I do to refresh him? I’ll dress up as a cat

After a while

Marlys: Meow, master, I love you

Me: So cute ohhhhhhh!

Marlys: …… (so shy)

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