Silicone dolls support a $10 billion economy

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The main tips for buying silicone dolls.








1. the buyers of silicone dolls are not only single men, but also widows and orphans, socially weak, older women and so on. They attach their desires, which are difficult to fulfill in reality, to silicone dolls.

2. a search on e-commerce platforms shows that physical dolls with good reputation and good quality currently cost between RMB 6,000 and RMB 30,000, and the most expensive ones can reach over RMB 10,000.

silicone love dolls
In the past, adult erotic products were an unknown category in China for a long time. However, with the rapid development of the Internet and people’s increasing self-knowledge, the public’s view of erotic products is becoming more objective and rational, and the erotic industry is developing rapidly. According to the research data of Ai Media Consulting, the domestic erotic products market will reach 62.5 billion yuan in 2020. Among them, post-85s and post-90s are the main group of online consumers, and their sexuality is obviously more open than that of the previous generation.

The rapid development of the erotic products market is accompanied by a confusing mess, and the situation is especially serious for higher-priced silicone dolls.” 98% of silicone dolls currently purchased by consumers are cottage versions made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which not only have a short lifespan but also pose a cancer risk.”

Without the epidemic, the sensitive and hidden industry of sex dolls would hardly have gone public.

Last year, when other industries underperformed due to epidemic prevention and control, the realistic love doll industry experienced a growth window. According to reports, China’s sex toy exports increased nearly 50% year-on-year last year, with realistic sex doll exports increasing 100%. This includes the most significant increases in orders from Germany and Italy.

The head of a TPE sex doll and mini sex doll factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, said orders for physical dolls have declined this year due to the improvement in the epidemic, but overall growth has been maintained, with nearly monthly exports of about 2,000″. The global epidemic is not over and export orders continue to increase, plus we have domestic business.”

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Not only abroad, but also domestically, silicone dolls are selling like hotcakes. According to a previous research report by Jingdong, domestic sales of silicone dolls will be around 600,000 in 2020, with average monthly sales of 50,000 and around two million worldwide.

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