Sexual distance in the age of the pandemic of self-segregation -sexdoll

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Self-isolation is now synonymous with “masturbation,” and sexdoll is here to keep you sober during your current incarceration.
Whether your preferred method of social distancing is isolation or isolation and cold, a global lockdown doesn’t have to limit you. Days of self-isolation can be boring when you can’t turn on the TV, open your email, or pass the time on social media without being bombarded with repeated requests to wash your hands! Touching your face may be taboo, but touching your junk doesn’t have to be.











A risk-free friend with benefits
This sexdoll is a doll-faced beauty with plenty to offer for your lonely nights. With full lips, flowing locks, pretty brown eyes and more than a few holes, Brooke is the girl next door you’ve always dreamed of coming through the safety of your house window. Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal, get cozy on the couch and watch a movie, and then sneak off to the bedroom where you can explore every soft curve of her real body without risking word getting out.

No matter what the mood, you can take them off as often as you like, whether you’re relaxing in the bathtub or on the kitchen table (close the blinds first).

The devil makes work for the lazy, and at Bondara we know how important it is to relieve a little stress in times of anxiety. That’s why we’ve put together a series of sexy boredom busters that will keep you busy for a long time and bring you to orgasm.

Avoid going viral
All in all, you may be afraid of closer contact – we totally understand! Dive into our twisted collection of bondage goodies that will take you to the unknown depths of double pleasure – without unnecessary skin contact! So here are a few whimsical items for your owner’s cherished attention: ……

With silicone sex doll, you can go incognito as a cunning dominatrix or take a scintillating punishment as an unfortunate submissive. During this outbreak, you won’t be swapping saliva with the tight latex hood that covers your mouth to change your depravity. This antiviral fetish garment will instantly wake up your playmates while you take the necessary precautions. The delightful latex texture on the wrist adds an elegant touch to your BDSM play. These glittery gloves with real contamination control between the elbow and shoulder show who’s boss.

Men, there’s no shame in taking sexual gratification into your own hands, especially in the midst of a pandemic. With all the pennies saved on unpoured beers and unstuffed skewers, you can throw a few extra bones about not being alone. Think outside the box! (Not literally – stay home).

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