Sex Stories and Sex Doll: We have done anal previously also

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The room was filled with our body banging and moaning sounds. We both were moaning and shouting. While I was stroking her, she pumped her breasts to add on the pleasure. Her boobs were bouncing like softballs which were delighting to the eyes.

Soon after a few strokes, I ejaculated and fell beside her, but she was not satisfied yet. Payal stood up and placed her ass above my face. She said to lick it as she wanted to do anal. Then I also stood up and asked her to lie down. I put both her legs on my shoulder and started sucking her asshole.

We have done anal previously also. While I was sucking her asshole, Payal laughed as she was feeling tickled. I sucked her asshole for fifteen minutes. It gave me ample time to rejuvenate myself and start the next session.
















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