Sex Stories and Sex Doll: My orgasms was rushing

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My orgasms was rushing and I got close to the ultimate pleasure the vibrator stopped and I whimpered in frustration. I should have not said 90 minutes to trisha, oh god please send her on time. I could not stand on my knees for long because of the pain in my legs and when I sat down to ease it my nipples would go on fire forcing me again on my knees until I couldn’t bear it anymore. The vicious cycle went on, my vibrator buzzed hard again but I could not cum this time as well, so I started imagining my a bdsm master fucking my pussy roughly to cum fast the next time the vibrator sets in fast so that maybe I cum in 20 seconds. But this time the vibe did not buzz on high setting it went very low and I jerked in frustration but it only made it worse for my body pain. I moaned though the low buzz my nipples had swollen from falling on my knees again again again.













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