Sex Stories and Sex Doll: Let’s get into 69 position.

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She looked at me for a bit and finally said, “Well, I thought about it. I realised I was overthinking it. I’m already a slut tonight. I might as well go all-in.” Her last words stirred my dick in my pants. My friend was looking at her hungrily.

I smirked, pulled her in for a kiss and repeated, “It can get a bit rough, you know.” My friend started undressing her top again. “Oh fuck you. Shut up and fuck me again, you two.” I have never hesitated less in my life.

“Let’s get into 69 position. Suck my dick while I warm your ass up.” We got into 69 position with her on top. I started eating her ass, fingering her pussy. She took out my dick and started stroking it while moaning. “Lick my balls, slut.”







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