Sex Stories and Sex Doll:She wipes her hand on the pre-cum and rubs it on Lila’s pussy

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Two hot girls, Ella and Lila dressed in a tight white, nearly see through top and tight white pants walk up to me during a party during college at their house. Through Ella’s shirt, I can see her giant boobs. She isn’t wearing a bra. Lila has a really nice pussy, it kind of bulges out and is outlined in her pants. Ella grab my arm and drag me upstairs to their bedroom.
They make me sit down on the bed as they start rubbing each other. Ella grabs Lila’s pussy and starts rubbing it vigorously. I can see her pussy move around through her pants. Lila grabs Ella’s boobs and starts rubbing them. All I want is for them to strip their clothes off and rub their bodies all over me. Ella grabs my dick over my pants and starts softly stroking it, so subtly but so erotically. Lila sticks two fingers in her mouth and rubs them on Ella’s boobs, making the shirt see through in just the right parts. Then she sticks her fingers onto Ella’s pussy and makes that part see-through too. As I watch a little bit of pre-cum comes out of my dick. Ella notices this and gets up. She strips my pants and underwear off so that my rock-hard dick is exposed. She wipes her hand on the pre-cum and rubs it on Lila’s pussy, making her pants see through. 

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