Think of the Sex Doll as a sexy, charming, beautiful, and caring little girlfriend

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For men who have been single without a girlfriend, finding a physical Sex Doll is really the best way of physiological enjoyment. In this increasingly open society, the market for adult products has also developed rapidly. Various physical dolls have appeared on the market. People have also begun to pay attention to and understand in depth. Many people are seeking or planning to find physical Sex Dolls. Experience. So what is the experience of owning a physical doll?

A good physical Sex Doll should have the following experience to be a good doll:

First of all, the physical Sex Doll should have a highly simulated skin, the material is non-toxic and safe, the hand feel is good, and it has a high degree of durability, and the touch is basically the same as a real person. It must also have the effect of anti-fouling, and it must be very easy to clean. The skin color of a good entity doll is finely lustrous, and the touch feels closer to the real skin.

Secondly, the experience of using a physical Sex Doll has a lot to do with her built-in skeleton. A good physical doll’s joints must be able to move, and be able to assume various poses you want to meet your various needs and fantasies. So you can do whatever you want, you can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, beautiful and caring little girlfriend.

Finally, real people have temperature, not cold. If you want a physical Sex Doll to experience better, then she must have temperature, especially when used in winter, the experience will be better. Fortunately, many physical dolls currently have a heating function, and this technology is not complicated.

It is strongly recommended that the trial and error cost of physical dolls is too high to start from the airplane cup~

Schoolgirl Small Breast Silicone Mini Sex Doll Aliana 130cm 4ft 2

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:48Lbs / 21.8kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:27.5in*23.2in*28.9in / 70cm*59cm*73.5cm
·Hand length:19.6in / 50cm
·Foot length:7.2in / 18.5cm
·Leg length:21.8in / 55.5
·Shoulder width:11.8in / 30cm
·Palm length:5.7in / 14.5cm

Aliana is a schoolgirl fantasizing

Aliana is a real doll sex. She braids her blue hair and puts on her clothes. Aliana knows what excites people. She is wearing a loose white shirt and plaid skirt. Aliana took off her shirt to free her breasts. The hard pink nipples indicate a desire to be licked and sucked. However, Aliana knows how to earn these extra credits. She knows that by pulling up her skirt and spreading her legs, she can get the taste and sex she needs. Do you want sex with sex doll?


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