Sex Doll Hair Lengths | Long Hair vs Short Hair

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Sex Doll Hair Lengths | Long Hair vs Short Hair

Generally speaking, buying sex dolls with long or short hair depends on your preference. But if you don’t fully understand the characteristics of these two sex doll hair lengths, you may not set your preference correctly. This blog will explain in detail the pros and cons of both hair lengths to help you buy a hairstyle that really suits your doll.

Which is easier to maintain?

When it comes to hair care, short hair is actually easier than long hair. For one thing, short hair doesn’t require extra time to comb, and it’s very easy to wash and blow-dry. However, long hair is prone to be tangled and messy, so it requires more steps to clean and frequent combing to keep it in good condition.

If you are too busy or not good at maintenance, long hair is obviously not for you. Otherwise, you will find your exquisite love doll with messy hair!

Which is more open to different hairstyles?

Many doll owners like to try different hairdos on their dolls to make them look different, and long hair has more possibilities in this regard. For dolls with long hair, you can braid hair or cut it short for your doll. In short, Long hair can be turned into any hairstyle style you want. For short hair, there are a few new styles you can try, but very limited. This means you’ll need to buy different wigs multiple times to add freshness to your dolls.

Whether it’s long hair or short hair, each has its own pros and cons. The upkeep of Long hair may sound onerous, but many doll owners are used to cleaning and enjoy it. They simplify the maintenance process of the wig and share their experience with many doll lovers.

There is no absolute winner. The only purpose is to let you really understand the characteristics of these two hairs before buying, and then choose a suitable wig for your doll based on your own situation and preferences.














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