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In the general sense, the customization of simulation dolls refers to the customization of standing and non standing, nail customization, etc. the specific appearance and height are the fixed choices given by the seller.
For standing and non standing customization, other parts of the sex doll are the same. The difference is whether there are three nails on the sole of the foot to support the weight of the body.


















It is generally recommended to stand. Many postures need to be completed by standing.
The customization of nails is actually not very important. The nail color that you don’t like now can also be changed. There are many choices on the Internet.
Smart pronunciation, smart heating, lower body self lubrication and other custom-made products usually cost more. The effect is not good, so they are not recommended. Pay attention to discrimination.
Customization of split lower body is generally not recommended. The main reason is that it is easy to clean. But the effect is not ideal. It also depends on whether you like waiting. If you are worried about the weight, you can consider weight reduction.
The same goes for the customization of split legs.
Weight loss, human like texture, hair transplantation, etc. can be experienced with a budget, which is a bonus for the whole sex doll.
In fact, it may not be clear whether the project can be done or not, but it’s easy to judge if you remember one thing. Any easy-to-use function will be more popular or even become the default configuration.

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