Satisfying sex with popular sex dolls

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Now, let’s narrow our discussion to specific types of sex dolls, the most representative being BBW sex dolls, small breast sex dolls and anime sex dolls.

















1. BBW sex dolls

Most men like tall, beautiful women who are immediately attracted to BBW sex dolls. BBW is a sex doll that, as the name implies, has big breasts, big thighs, big curves and a big ass. Men love big women because they are pleasing to the eye and can satisfy your sexual desires in some naughty but romantic ways.

Here are some ways you can maximize sexual satisfaction while having sex with a BBW sex doll.

Squeeze and suck on her big nipples

BBWs have huge juicy nipples that you can suck on whenever you want. Touching big breasts can stimulate your sexual desire. Before you start piercing her, take some time to play with her breasts. You can touch them, squeeze them, lick them, suck them and grope them. Sucking a large breast is much easier and more enjoyable than sucking a small one, as is squeezing and fondling them.

Only nipple lovers can understand how much pleasure can be obtained by using BBW’s breasts during sex. So, pay attention to her breasts before and during intercourse.

Appreciate her curvy body

So, how often do we say ‘real women have curves’ here BBW sex dolls have mouth-watering curves and soft bodies. Most men die for women with big hips and asses that they want to have sex with soon, but their eyes fall on them. BBW sex dolls fulfill these sexual fantasies and give you the sexy curves you’ve always wanted in a romantic partner. She always gives divine pleasure and you can have multiple sex sessions whenever you see her lying on the bed.

2. Small breasted sex dolls

Many studies have shown that for most men it’s not just the size of the breasts, but its shape as well. Many men like women with small breasts because they fit well into their hands. Many men just like the feeling of grabbing their entire chest with their hands while having sex.

While small breast sex dolls will always satisfy your sexual desires, here’s how you can achieve a sexually satisfying orgasm with small breast sex dolls:.

Use small breasts for your pleasure

There are many things you can do with a small breast sex doll to maximize sexual satisfaction. Not only can you enthusiastically lick and suck on her breasts, but you can also use them as pillows.

Rest on her breasts during intercourse, especially in the missionary position, for sensual sensations and to make your encounter most satisfying.

Enjoy her perky breasts

Smaller breasts are usually more perky, firmer and have longer nipples. No wonder, why many celebrities have smaller breasts and men die for them.

You can rub your penis on her breasts and occasionally suck on her nipples during sex. You’ll discover the novelty of sex and appreciate her small, hard, never-sagging breasts while having fun and getting turned on.

3. Anime sex dolls

Needless to say, many men are anime fans and own anime dolls. They don’t have any unrealistically beautiful physical features like big boobs, huge round asses and juicy curves that mimic the anime characters of your dreams, but also have angelic, seductive bodies to satisfy your sexual desires. Here’s how anyone can have the most satisfying sex with anime sex dolls.

Explore your wild imagination

Anime sex dolls are usually associated with hardcore scenes because of their large breasts and chests. This gives you a chance to try out unique positions, and you can only do that with a real woman. Their sexy bodies and alluring curves make it impossible for you to resist yourself when you see her. You are sexually asked to fulfill your sexual fantasies and try out various sexual positions with her.

Rough it up

An anime sex doll that replicates your favorite celebrity makes it impossible for you not to fuck her every time you see her. Her angelic, sexy body and big ass make you want to get a little rough. The goal of owning an anime doll is to appreciate her amazing physical features and fuck her like it’s the last time. She won’t stop you.

Final Comments

All in all, this article addresses a common concern for many sex doll owners. Of course, sex will always give you sexual pleasure and some kind of satisfaction. But over time, many people become bored with having sex with their partners, which limits sexual satisfaction. To help readers overcome this critical problem, we’ve outlined a variety of proven methods that are sure to bring novelty and new passion to your romantic life.

With these tips, you can multiply your excitement and satisfaction every time you go to bed with your lover. Finally, we believe that sex dolls can bring you satisfaction in many ways, if you do something wrong, if you can’t – which makes this article even more useful for you.

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