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There must be many positions that can turn you on, it happens between you and your real love doll, no one is hurt and you don’t have any kinks when it goes against the will of others, it is safe without a doubt.If you take these old fashioned sexual positions, it may seem a bit boring to you. Why not make the most of the space at home? It is not necessary to have a romantic arrangement, nor the emotions of the study partner. The only thing is that you can take the time to get an idea of the new creative point of sexual excitement. Try looking online for inspiration. Adult forums may be a good place for you.









Tips for a better sexual experience real doll. To increase comfort during penetration, it is best to start with the lubricated penis, inserting it gently and slowly. Oil-based lubricants break down the TPE sex doll, you must use water-based lubricants.After every game, it will be hot and sweaty. Your sweat must flow like a sex doll to life, and you also need to clean your sperm residue in the love doll buy. So make sure you take a thorough wash until no sexy dirty anymore. Otherwise, you will have to fight for the bacteria in your next game.

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