Premium Sex Doll Human Like Quality – I’d still hypothesize that child sex dolls are not preventative of child molestation after all

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Common Questions: What are your thoughts about child sex dolls? Designed to look and feel just like young girls, these are completely legal, sold online to customers across the globe. Child sex doll-makers claim that they ‘stop pedophiles committing crimes’.

Heather K.J. Holmes:

My immediate gut reaction is… horror, of course. Sexualizing children? How cruel and soulless do you have to be?

But what if it does prevent real children from being sexually abused? What if it helps pedophiles to live as decent, contributing citizens? Why is the sexualized image of a child wrong if it doesn’t hurt a living child in the process?

Heather, why are you saying these horrible things?! Well, because these questions are a necessary part of the process of reasoning it out.

This is also the debate of whether art of child porn should be illegal. Porn featuring real children should be illegal since it causes lifelong repercussions for the child involved. But if it’s fictional, and it doesn’t hurt anyone… What reason other than being “morally wrong” is it illegal? Is it because it could encourage a viewer to go out and molest a real child? No one is completely sure, there just isn’t enough research for a thorough conclusion yet.

Forming a study on what causes sexual criminals to victimize children has to cover many different possible “causes”, and data is difficult to gather.

However, here’s an excerpt from a scientific study:

“A 2008 study of 341 convicted child molesters in America found that pornography’s use correlated significantly with their rate of sexually re-offending. Frequency of pornography use was primarily a further risk factor for higher-risk offenders, when compared with lower-risk offenders, and use of highly deviant pornography correlated with an increased risk of re-offenses for all groups.”

Link: Pornography use and sexual aggression: the impact of frequency and type of pornography use on recidivism among sexual offenders.

So, maybe there’s a little bit of proof that child pornography could encourage real-life cases. I try to form my hypotheses by looking at trends in other examples, where we might find similar psychological processes.

Does watching other types of porn encourage people to mimic its contents? Yes. People who watch “taboo” sex acts in porn are familiarized with the act, and it contains much less shock value. Once they’re comfortable with it, they’re much more likely to try it out if it looks appealing and pleasurable. I’ve seen this process in myself and my sexually active friends.

Even when it doesn’t involve pornography, when people see certain behavior patterns often, they’re more likely to feel that it’s normal and even mimic it.

Monkey see, monkey do… Humans are primates, too.

For example, when parents hit their kids, they make violence seem normal, and the kid is more likely to grow up and hit their own kids. Porn has normalized bikini waxes so thoroughly that it’s now weird to have any hair down there—it’s created an expectation. People see blood, gore, and violence so often in movies and video games that it’s astronomically less startling than it would’ve been to our great grandparents. B.D.S.M. was widely popularized after an insane amount of people read Fifty Shades of Gray and decided to try it out.

The trend is there, although it’s just as often good as bad. Now that homosexuality and feminist views are being talked about and seen everywhere, more and more people are becoming alright with it.

Therefore, although I didn’t know what to think for a long time because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions… and with emotions held as far to the side as I can manage, I’d still hypothesize that child sex dolls are not preventative of child molestation after all, and may cause potential sex offenders to feel more comfortable with acting on their desires.

If you see a fault in my reasoning, please feel free to comment.


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