Premature ejaculation how to self-treatment

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Rapid ejaculation is most often seen in men in their first marriage and in men before marriage. This is because they have not yet thought about and learned to exercise subjective control over the ejaculatory process. For some men, rapid ejaculation may become a persistent surname behavior. Tension often arises when they feel anxious about ejaculating too quickly. In some cases, as tension and anxiety increase, the act of rapid ejaculation becomes a pattern and becomes more severe. In this regard, releasing anxiety and lightening up is the key to solving the problem.

Usually many people have bad habits, these habits can lead to habitual premature ejaculation of the sex organ, and the more times the bad habits, the lower the satisfaction of the heart, the shorter the time. Therefore, to quit these bad habits, but also to enhance physical fitness, more exercise and supplement nutrition.

Long-term excessive intercourse, immersed in these things, is an important cause of yang spasm, premature ejaculation, when it is a taboo. It has been proven that separating husband and wife from bed, stopping sexual life for a period of time, avoiding all types of sexual stimulation, and allowing the central nervous system and sexual organs to get sufficient rest are indeed effective measures to prevent impotence and premature ejaculation.

To have a full understanding of sexual knowledge and fully understand the influence of mental factors on sexual function. The experts especially reminded male friends to treat the “sexual desire” correctly, can not be seen as a shameful thing and disgust and fear; not because of one or two failed sexual intercourse and frustrated worry, lack of confidence; husband and wife to increase emotional communication, eliminate discordant factors, tacit cooperation, the woman should care, caress, encourage the husband, try to avoid The woman should care, caress, encourage her husband, and try to avoid the flow of dissatisfaction, to avoid causing mental pressure to the husband; the idea of concentration during sexual intercourse; especially in reaching the peak of sexual pleasure, the imminent ejaculation, more thought concentration.

Long-term smoking will impede the flow of blood to the periphery of the body, affecting the blood circulation of the penis and affecting the production of sexual response. Foreign researchers have pointed out that the factors that cause poor blood circulation and cause phallic spasm are smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, with smoking being the most important. Alcohol is a gonadotoxin, drinking too much alcohol or addiction to alcohol can make the gonads toxic, men show a decrease in blood Kupferolone, 70 to 80% of people appear impotent or infertility.

sexual function.

Consciously block the root of the penis to dull the sensation of the head; or divert attention during intercourse to reduce the urge to ejaculate; or try to increase the number of intercourse to reduce the sensitivity of the glans. The physicians of Beijing Shuguang Hospital reminded that increasing the number of sexual intercourse and abstaining from sexual intercourse, diverting attention and concentrating the mind should be viewed dialectically, differing from person to person and from condition to condition, each having its own use and not contradictory. Generally speaking, impotent people should pay attention to the latter, and premature ejaculation people can try the former.

As with all other diseases, early detection and treatment is the best way to address the condition. Except for congenital ones which are more difficult to treat, most patients can lead a healthy life again after professional and systematic treatment. Therefore, patients and their families must have a correct understanding of these diseases. If fatigue and weakness, low physiological function and poor quality of intimate life occur frequently over a period of time, they must go to a professional hospital for scientific examination and standardized treatment in a timely manner. Through comprehensive examination, find the right cause and cooperate with the comprehensive treatment of experts, finally overcome the disease.

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