One of the alternative uses for inflatable dolls that works very well: Scarecrows

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To prevent radishes in the field from being eaten by pesky deer, inflatable pupae are used as scarecrows.




















David Gray, a farmer from Lanarkshire, England, has come up with a special way to prevent the radishes in his field from being eaten by pesky deer – he has built a scarecrow out of an inflatable doll. The 50-year-old said the inflatable doll, which he bought for £4.82, is more useful than the traditional method. ‘It’s more useful than my last scarecrow, which was a shopping bag hung on a stick,’ he said. ‘Since I got it, my flock has been much more obedient.

David said he was tired of wild deer always coming onto the farm and destroying crops, and wanted something that looked more like a real person to scare them away. So last week, he ordered an inflatable mannequin from the Internet and took it out into the fields on a quad bike.

Not only does the inflatable scarecrow keep an eye on the fields, but it has also caused a stir in the area, as David says, “People in the area reacted well, and many stopped to look at the scarecrow when they passed by. There have been a few near misses on the corner where the inflatable is because people just have to turn their heads and look as they walk by.”

David has lived on the 3,000-acre farm his entire life, keeping 2,000 sheep and 60 cows. When he showed his mother a picture of the inflatable doll sitting on the back of a four-wheeled model truck, she thought it was his 16-year-old granddaughter Heather, who, when she’s not helping on the farm, is studying at agricultural college.

David even considered dressing up the inflatables, and his wife of 52 years, Fiona, says, “As we all know, David loves to joke around. He’ll probably go through my closet to find clothes for the inflatables, but I hope he better not.”

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