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sex doll is a private product, it is important to know that before purchasing

Generally are not accepted 7 days without reason. Some customization process has its own parameters that you want to modify, the production period can not be modified, or you may have to add money, the cycle becomes longer.
Basically sex doll’s single, after the order is not refundable or exchangeable. This you should know, the refund will deduct some fees.

When the goods arrive, the first thing to see if there is no damage to the box, and then sign for it, the first thing to do at home is to check the whole body to see if there is any damage, if there is a problem to raise it within two hours.

and the seller to negotiate how to deal with. Generally if the two hours no problem, which is the default doll is intact.
We generally look at the computer may have a slight error, which is caused by the light, monitor, angle and other issues, the error is not large.

If the weight, volume and overall body makeup differences are relatively large, this time to be cautious.

Some real-life inverted model of sex doll surface will have a little bit of roughness a little bit of feeling not much, this is normal, not a quality problem. The reason is that the texture maintains the texture of human skin.

General products will be more or less a little bit of the fit line, normal phenomenon, now the process is such that can not be completely avoided, silicone dolls than tpe doll obvious.

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