Mini Sex Doll Story: She was soft, delicious, riding her just as she wanted.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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I thought that we were so wrapped up in this animal act. I did not care about the work we started, and she did not care about her job. That’s real sex, real passion. We abandon all your morals, ethics and sensible thoughts, and all that other better side of ours.

We enjoy things and acts that make us happy. Deep inside, we know what matters more. Deep in the core, it is our happiness. With each stroke, I began a steady rhythm, driving straight and angling to press against her pussy. She lifted herself to me, cradling me with her hips, her hands gripping my back.

She was soft, delicious, riding her just as she wanted. I covered her body under my weight, plunging deeper into her every moment. The pleasure of it was overwhelming and relishing. Each plunge of my dick deeper into her lubricious pussy drew a moan from her throat.

She bit her lip to hold in her moaning sounds. Suddenly, I was inside her, gliding full and deep, burying every inch of my hard long dick in her fired-up pussy. I withdrew almost to the head of my dick. Looking into her eyes, I submerged my entire length with excruciating slowness.

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