Mini Sex Doll Story: Her resistance folded as she left herself to my mercy.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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As she furiously opened her eyes, I rubbed my fingers on her pussy and inserted my 2 fingers again in her hot hole. The fierce insertion of my fingers broke her. Her resistance folded as she left herself to my mercy.

Her ragged breath warmed my ear. She screamed in delight, “Saab, you’re so good, don’t stop, please. Oh god, Saab, fuck me now, please, don’t tease me.”
She stared at the reflection, transfixed by the eroticism of the image within.

She looked like a woman in a painting, flushed with desire and unashamed of her body’s curves and shadows. Aware of her sexual desires and sexual power, she held me tighter. Even in her vulnerable, naked state as she approached her impending release.

As her release approached, her excitement mounted, and she strummed faster. She was panting, arching her back on my body as her legs parted wider and boobs struck out. I continued to thrust my fingers in her fleshy pussy.

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