Made in Guangdong Province, China: No.1 selling in the high quality silicone sex doll market.

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High quality silicone sex dolls that will take you to a fabulously cool night.







Yes, we currently have four IPs to choose from, but there will be more in the future. Yes, eye color, makeup, hairstyle and body shape can be personalized using a template. No, no, it violates our rights to use the likeness of real people.
The red “Red Mute” burst may actually prove that the influence of the SY companion brand comes from one side of the circle.

The blast came from a random suggestion by a customer service representative. The clothing with red faces was very popular in online stores, but had to be accepted by the market? After studying hundreds of webcam faces, the designer created the “85 Avatar”, which was actually rejected after its launch last year.

Amid heated debates about various love dolls and users’ word of mouth, “Mu Xiaodi” has become the best Internet sensation in the world of real love dolls and has become synonymous with SY partners.

We believe that simulation dolls are one of the high-end segments whose market is growing year by year, a new opportunity created by the development of e-commerce and the wave of Internet+ entrepreneurship. We believe that there will be tremendous growth opportunities for the industry as the domestic public continues to dispel stereotypes about simulated sex dolls.

A new trend in the market: from love dolls to dolls with artificial intelligence

AI dolls that combine beauty and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular. Their mouths, eyes and eyebrows move and even respond to everyday “situations” with agility. With the emergence of the concept of artificial intelligence in recent years, Lin Chaoxian was very aware of the changing wind direction. There are several robots on the market whose AI technology is very good, but they don’t really have human traits. Humanization has its advantages. A combination of shapes and organic elements?”

The system allows for various adjustments such as blinking, smiling, raising eyebrows and posture, as well as communicating with the outside world through an intelligent speech system. The solution is integrated with a search database so that “she” can retrieve all kinds of information in real time, including news and weather.

OUDoll is a high-quality supplier specializing in making mini sex dolls.