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For a very expensive silicone doll, she had to be more intelligent.




For example, they could walk, talk, cook, do laundry, and even sex doll sellers were already advertising the automatic spray lubrication.

Currently, home intelligence can only be defined by the use of wires to charge and heat the love doll to the body temperature of a normal human. To put it a bit more scientifically and technically, the part that responds to touch is the voice. This sound is not a conversation, but a general sound. Intelligent sex dolls made of silicone are still being researched, but some people believe that real dolls with intelligence are dangerous. They might rebel against humans. The main issue is that real love dolls become aware of themselves. If such intelligent silicone Lolita dolls were developed to make love dolls autonomous and conscious, it would mean that love dolls would have the same or similar creativity, sense of self-preservation, emotions and spontaneous behavior as humans.

What can such an intelligent silicone Lolita sex doll do for us? It can be used not only for sexual purposes, but also more for human beings. Will the future of silicone dolls in China bring users more high-tech and human products? Wait and see and drink tea!

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How to take care of your loli love doll
(1) Silicone dolls have very delicate and shiny skin, please do not put them near the fire. Also, do not let them come into contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching them and affecting their appearance.

(2) To avoid contamination, silicone love dolls should not come into contact with contaminated items such as ink.

the silicone lolita anime dolls can be placed in any position, but the bending should not exceed the bending angle of the human body when changing the position, and the silicone lolita should not be placed too much when bending. The Real Love Doll has a wound on the skin. Please do not apply too much force and do not exceed the bending angle of the human body when changing the movement. Silicone dolls are not living beings, so please take good care of them.
4) When you move the real person, please do not pull the limbs or head, but hold the body of Lori Love Doll.

(5) The wig and coat of the silicone doll can be changed into different styles.

6 The silicone love doll emits a seductive fragrance and usually feels some oil on the skin surface to protect it from cracking.

7 To avoid circuit failure, lollipop dolls with circuits should not come into contact with water when washing.

(8) For silicone lollipops with batteries, the batteries should be removed and stored after use to avoid reuse.

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love can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to some extent, but if more than one person uses the same real doll, the possibility of infectious diseases is high, so real dolls should only be used by themselves, please wash the doll immediately after use and pay attention to hygiene.
(10) Silicone dolls can satisfy people’s physiological needs, but the frequency of use should be controlled so as not to affect physical health.

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