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Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1

Doll size
·Height:4ft 1 / 125cm
·Weight:38.1Lbs / 17.3kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:21.2in*16.5in*24.8in* / 54cm*42cm*63cm
·Hand length:15.7in / 40cm
·Foot length:6.6in / 17cm
·Vagina Depth:6.6in / 17cm
·Anal depth:5.1in / 13cm
·Oral depth:N / A


Background Story:

Dale is a TPR sex doll with a height of 125cm.Only creepy old perverts hide a sex doll under the bed? Sex dolls are no longer taboo, but a common sex item in the bedroom. There’s nothing weird or wrong with owning a sex doll. Honestly, if they were cheaper, everyone probably had one.Demand for sex toys has been growing around the world, the product of a wider cultural shift in attitudes towards sex among younger, more open-minded people as society evolves. Indeed, people are now more open and accepting of sex dolls, and their use is considered normal. Some customers simply go after the best sex doll they can buy, but often there is a deeper desire behind the order. What does owning a Male Sex Dolls mean to us emotionally, physically and spiritually?

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Luxury sex dolls from Oriental Industries

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-09

This is the fifth attempt in Vanilla Gallery’s “Artificial Girls” series. Unlike the previous four, which featured only sex dolls, this time the “Artificial Girl Art Museum” is showing “love dolls that mimic the beauty of Japanese paintings.” This is the latest in a series of art exhibitions featuring luxury silicone dolls, and surprisingly, the number of female fans has increased with each exhibition. So what can you expect?

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-11

The Vanilla Real Sex Doll Gallery is within easy walking distance of Shinbashi or Ginza. The entrance is located in the second basement of the building.

The museum of artificial girls is located in the Vanilla Gallery in Ginza. Vanilla Gallery hosts many art exhibitions that are unique to Ginza.

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-10

Here is the first sex doll. The first doll is a male sex doll based on the works of Yasunari Ikenaga, a Japanese painter who painted contemporary beauties. Oriental Industries’ silicone love dolls, designed as “lifelike dolls,” are used to express the beauty of Ikenaga’s work. The facial expressions of these sex dolls are so detailed that they could be mistaken for real people.

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-08
Even up close, they are incredibly beautiful.

Oriental Industries love dolls are rarely made to order. These custom made sex dolls are based on the original Kleine Sexpuppe, with longer legs to better match the originals. The term “uncanny valley” is often used to describe robots and cyborgs, but this realistic love doll is not “uncanny” in any way.

This is the original form of the inflatable doll.

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-06

The hair is transplanted individually, not the wig that is normally used in our products. Even the hairline is natural.

A stunning back. Only the neck joint is reminiscent of a sex doll.

TPE sex doll-Cute Little Boob Mini Sex Doll Jessica 125cm 4ft 1-04

This is the work of Mr. Ikunaga, who is known for having real models. The original costumes are used in the exhibition.

The original painting shows the obi and goldfish accessories.

Every detail has been perfectly reproduced.

Yuji Yamashita, the art critic who oversaw the project, says that when he was asked to design a beautiful anime sex doll to reflect the painting’s image, “the first thing that came to mind was to use ukiyo-e as the subject.” However, it was very difficult to reproduce the beauty of ukiyo-e in three-dimensional form. So, after looking at works from different eras and after many attempts, he came up with a Japanese painting by the popular contemporary painter Ikunaga.

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