Is it possible for love dolls to overcome loneliness?

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Buying a love doll seems like a cool thing. Will the love dolls help people who are becoming increasingly lonely to overcome their loneliness?

Why are there more people with autism?

Cigna’s American Loneliness Index 2018 found that 46% of Americans say they sometimes or always feel lonely, and 47% say they sometimes or always feel neglected. A smaller number (43%) indicated that they felt isolated from others, while a similarly large number indicated that they felt they lacked company and their relationships made no sense. For people with autism, there are circles they cannot enter, they cannot go to another world, and they are immersed in their own little world every day. Over time, the characters isolate themselves and over time even lose their social skills. Others who cannot understand do not want to interact with autistic people and gradually alienate them. This socialization can make autistic people even more unhappy.

Here comes the blessing for autistic people

Some beautifully crafted, almost realistic sex dolls are even collected and considered by people (including women) as works of art. Some people also enjoy such dolls by playing with ball joints, wearing different outfits, putting on makeup and changing their hairstyle. They are often used in sexual acts. So is it possible for Japanese sex dolls to overcome loneliness? Sure, keep reading.

Senji Nakajima is a 62-year-old man from Japan who has fallen in love with his love doll, Saori. For Nakajima, she is a real friend and lives separate from his wife. He is one of the Japanese sex doll owners who prefers to build relationships with real dolls than with real people. So love dolls can help people overcome their loneliness.

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