Is it cool to have sex with mini sex dolls?

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Usually, many people ask before buying sex dolls, is it cool to have sex with mini sex dolls?

When buying Mini sex dolls, do you mainly look at your face or your figure? Head carving important? Or is softness important?

The reality is cruel. It’s actually very difficult to choose a doll with good head carving and good body.

Next, I’m going to expound my personal views from fucking Mini Sex Dolls

The process of making love between boys and sex dolls is actually a process of reaching orgasm.

In sexual knowledge, when orgasm is reached, the muscles around the genitals are tightened, and the liquid inside the seminal vesicle accumulates. Once it reaches an uncontrollable level, the tightened muscles suddenly relax, rhythmic spasms appear, and the semen is pushed out at the same time. The intensity of masturbation depends on the amount of semen and muscle strength. To achieve high-quality orgasm, the premise is to increase the recommended semen volume.

To increase the amount of semen, the first thing is to reduce the frequency of sex. The body needs to store semen one or two days in advance. Usually, the lower the frequency, the more it stores. Therefore, the frequency of sex dolls also directly affects the use effect of dolls. Those who use it less often will feel better than those who use it more frequently.

If you want to have a better orgasm, you need more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation and psychological satisfaction. In other words, when using sex dolls, your brain is as important as your dick. Looking at your sex dolls and looking directly at her face, you need to experience all the feelings of the whole body and mind. The feeling of love at first sight can happen not only between people, but also between people and dolls. I believe everyone will have this feeling when purchasing dolls and have the impulse to take her home, At this time, the doll’s head carving is particularly important.

Another point is that you need to relax enough. When having sex with sex with sex with sex, don’t worry about your performance in bed. In the process, sex dolls is at your mercy, won’t resist, and won’t complain. In this way, you can relax your body, focus on key parts, and reduce the pressure of seminal vesicles, so as to achieve a perfect orgasm.

Therefore, whether the doll is easy to use, in addition to the doll itself, the second is our own needs. Only when you like her, the satisfaction will be stronger when you use her.

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