Investigation report of sex dolls factory

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Hello, everyone. Now there are more and more baby factories. I have the honor to visit sex dolls factory in Guangdong China, and bring you some real and objective information I have seen for your reference.

First of all, in order to facilitate your reading, I will make a brief introduction.

Our route: Foshan – Zhongshan – Dongguan – Shenzhen.

Successively visited: Sino doll, WMDOLL, JY DOLL, Chun Shui Tang….

Then, let’s introduce it to you from the first stop, xiannaxin.

Sino doll, located in Foshan, Guangdong, has developed rapidly in recent years. Sino doll’s head carving has formed a unique style and gradually formed a system.

This time, I felt it with my own hands and took a picture of the real object without any color matching modification.


















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